Pride and Joy

Deenola, catchy name hah? I think so too. but did you know that this emerging fashion company is made up of Deena Dee and Olafemi Bela who have brought to us their first ever collection named ‘Versatlie’ consisting of pieces that encapsulate Deenola’s statement – ‘providing high quality ready to wear’ designs, with African inspired textiles mind fully designed into beautiful and modern silhouettes staying true to the Deeenols ascetic.

Deenola’s first stage in their quest to become globally recognised is to grace the front cover of UK Pride magazine. This months Pride magazine has been out for a few weeks now but I know that Deenola are full of joy as their hard work begins to reap rewards.

When I spoke with Olafemi she mentioned that there has been a lot of positive attention, and I can see why. She also gave me a lot of vital, impartial and inspirational advice about the industry we know as fashion.

I’ve got my copy, have you?


Keep a breath of Deenola via Facebook and their online store

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