Wham Bam thank you L.A.M.B

If you’re a hungry fashionister here’s a recipe for the perfect antidote to your African inspired designs;

Take 1 global trend – African print, a major commercial US label, mix it with a dash of contemporary designs, present at New York fashion week 2010 and there you have it – L.A.M.B spring summer 2011.

The incorporation of African traditional prints/batiks brought a daring boldness to an eagerly awaited collection that had the commercial edge required to move units, this highlights how versatile the use of African print has always been but has recently been taken up in great waves by many global brand not based in Africa.
It also shows a continued follow on of the vibrant African trends that took centre stage this Spring Summer 2010.

Although the collection did not receive a unanimous vote from the fashion critics they did agree on the commerciability of L.A.M.B’s spring summer 2011.

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