Chichia and the collaboration with ‘Made by Africa’ – A/W 2011

A maturing collection, an insight into the future of fashion Africa
Chichia (see previous post on Chichia) has grasped the importance of african inspired design and has fully understood the importance of adapting to the seasons as well as adapting the vibrancy of the East African fabric.

To have the creative skill and ability include elements for a winter collection is not easily aquired due to the African fabric known mainly for its bold colours but has been fully excicuted with this new collection.
This collabo brings East African designes of Chichia London, Khanga material,and the East African cotton of ‘Made by Africa’

This collaberation is even more emotive as 1 USD of all sales goes to SOS childrens village in Tanzania. The driving force behind ‘Made by Africa’ is their use of local talent which inturn produces unique fashion pieces with an added UPS (unique selling point..if your wondering) that it was sourced locally in Africa.  

Currently the collection is only availble in Africa but I will be keeping my eye out for avalibility overseas i.e London (wink, wink)


Photographer: Kerry Glanfield
Stylist: Chichia
Model: Beatrice for Blackfox Premier Models

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