Runway Africa. ARISE Magazine Fashion week – Lagos 2011

Fashion weeks are upon us and before I get my teeth into this years batch of Fashion weeks I thought that I would mention one that has been on the rise since 2009. ARISE Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW) is back on March 10th 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria. ARISE Magazine initially collaborated with New York fashion week in 2009, the success of that week left a thirst for African design talent on show. Than followed New York fashion week Feb 2010 where ARISE shone the spotlight once again on Africa and Fashion in a feature so coolly named ‘ARISE magazine African collective part three Autumn/Winter 2010/11  

ARISE Magazine have set the precedent in that they have created highly produced fashion shows based on showcasing african inspired designs. Now Feeding into the fact that the African fashion is on a growth curve and is set to become a staple diet for the Spring/summer session globally this is an excellent time to grow such a fashion show that is like no other.

The latest show will see 50 of the top designers from around Africa. From Chichia, NKWO, Jewel by Lisa, Christie Brown, Samantha Cole, Ituen Basi, Tiffany Amber, Mimi Plange, Bestow Elan and of course more with an added bonus of Estelle, D’Banu and Tine Tempah.

The count down begins.

arise fashion week 2011

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