Behind the scenes at ARISE Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW)

So ARISE Magazine fashion week (AMFW), one of Africas prominate fashion showcases has come to an end but the buzz that surrounded this event was amazing. Twitter was ablaze with real time photos from Backsatge to the runway.

I believe that this relatively new fashion show will grow to make its ‘stilletto shaped’ mark in the fashion season calender as the excitment of discovering newly emerging, as well as established African design talent is far to enticing to miss out on.

On many fashionistas schedules there will probably be New York, London, Milan, Paris and Lagos fashion week.

The backstage photos really bring to life this week and how much work goes into producing such a viberant, true fashion show.

More about AMFW to come.


One Nigerian Boy

Chichia – london

Oroma Elewa

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