Solange Knowles – The rise of a style IKON

I can’t seem to keep up with Solange Knowles who has been on an upwards climb towards style icon territory. Here is her latest spring 2011 ensemble as seen at . There’s nothing not to love about Solange’s ease of wearable style, with a fresh organic vibe . The mix of a maxi pleat skirt in sunkissed yellow and the obliqutory batik ‘boxing kitten’ bra top really sums up what we here at Africa Batik – the blog portray – Fresh African ‘inspired’ contemporary design that is absolutely wearble for all and that will make you stand out in a crowd.

‘Sun silk and Batik’

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4 Responses to Solange Knowles – The rise of a style IKON

  1. africabatik says:

    I know, specially with the natural hair, really gives emphasis to her style.

  2. She wears Boxing Kitten so well. Love that Boxing Kitten makes unfussy pieces you can interpret as you wish.

    • africabatik says:

      You said it xoliquoricexo……. The colour and pattern mixture is so cleaver. No one should ever be scared to wear print, it highlights the confident side in a person. Long live African inspired clothes.

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