Fashizblack Magazine is back with the Afro luxury edition.

Stumbled across this mag (like a massive rock in the middle of the road) some time ago, I enjoyed the first few editions and then thought, ‘I wonder if they will last’ and yes they have taken the eternity pill and now in 2011 Fashizblack (Fash-iz-black) magazine – “French Online Fashion Magazine, based in Paris. About African related Fashion, Beauty, Gossip and culture” is back this month with their Afro-luxury edition.

This online magazine of all things editorially wonderful and greatly informative has pushed its head above the parapet and against all the online noise has managed to get noticed  by thousands.

Now I read my fair share of commercial fashion and off the shelf magazines but this one just helps with my inner diversity policy (like the one in your work place) wink. Fashizblack cool as it is takes an outter  look at the outside world by incorporating all things global, mixes and matches copywrite for those of African decent who have a vested interest in western culture. They state that “our magazine contents transcend every skin colors, because we want to be GLOBAL. Just as much as fashion” and I guess that’s all we have to know as their visually stunning editorials really do speak for themselves.

Credits: Fashizblack Magazine



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