South Africa Fashion Week 2011

South Africa Fashion staged 8th – 10th April 2011 exists to promote local South African brands and designers which in turn allows for easier integration into the retail market as well as moving onto the International fashion stage by instilling professionalism with in the South Africa designer hub

If their mission statement is anything to go by “the Business of Fashion” Than the South African fashion industry could see a boom.

I feel their marketing overseas could have been a lot stronger as I must admit that I did find it hard to even find the official website for the show, or any official runway photos. (By the way if you’re interested its . Their blog for was not reflective of what was currently happening on the days and surprisingly no mention of the up and coming show, current photos or designers. Maybe they might have some lessons to learn from sites such as London Fashion week, which is like a feast for any fashionista and the ARISE Fashion week for example, who take the multimedia approach to keep global watchers up to date with news via affiliate blogs, newspaper and twitter, (unless I’ve been hiding under a rock than my opinion won’t count). But I hope that next year they will take a much more of an enhanched social media approach to the event. All in all I believe that the designers and production team done a Stella job.

Credit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

Vasselina Pentcheva

Black Coffee


Gert Johan-Coetzee

Joel Vanse van Vuuren

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1 Response to South Africa Fashion Week 2011

  1. Shadders says:

    Great post, The SA fashion week announced the official photographer for the show, where images can be obtained, Hope this info helps…….If you need any info, dont hesitate to drop me a line at and will try and be of assistance where possible

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