ARISE MAGAZINE – MADE IN AFRICA collective at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2011: What happened next ?

In what is turning out to be a regular fixture at New York Fashion week, ARISE magazine pulled off  a spectacular gathering of some of the best talent from the African Continent. Aptly titled ‘MADE IN AFRICA’ there was no denial of the impact it made at the Lincon center NY.

Verdict: Another resounding success. I absolutely commend Arise magazine for constantly striving to put the creative talents of those who stem from Africa at the forefront of global fashion design. Take note – There is a new wave of design creativity coming from Africa.

In February 2011 ARISE magazine held a mammoth fashion show in Lagos, where 50 greatly talented African designers based globally as well as in Africa took to the Arise catwalk.

Out of the 50 designers 6 became the chosen ones:

[Snippet from Arise Magazine as featured in Vogue UK Oct 11]

Talked about: Lanre Da Silva Ajaye; ALRIGHT she did take a tumble but the global press like the Daily Mail couldn’t wait to get their chops around this. At the same time they couldn’t help but to delve into her fashion house giving Lanre more press than anyone could even imagine. Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to take a tumble myself, but if you can make it into a publicity diamond then why not. I guess no one will be asking who Lanre Da Silva Ajaye is again.

The other ‘chosen ones’ also managed to produce same jaw droppers of their own as was expected. From JBL with an assortment of colours and new textural designs to Kluk CGDT’s ethereal ball gowns contrasted against barely there blouse’s.

 A collective designed, inspired and ‘MADE IN AFRICA’

 Photo Credits: Mark Von Holden/Getty Images North America

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