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Wow – The blog you are reading has been nominated for a BEFFTA award

Such a prevalage to be nominated for The BEFFTA Awards I first started Africa Batik – the blog in 2010. I was so intrigued by what was happening in the Global African Fashion arena that I couldn’t help but take … Continue reading

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Africa Fashion Week London 2011

I love to share good news and I have to share my excitement of the very first African Fashion week London (AFWL) happening in a few days time. With a growing market in African Inspired design and African Fashion weeks springing up all over … Continue reading

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Congratulations Chichia.

One of our favourite designers we support, Chichia has won The Ethical Fashion Forum Award 2011. Chichia is in good company, with previous winning African designers Sika – Ghana and Lalesso – Kenya. The ETHICAL FASHION FORUM (EFF) is the industry body dedicated … Continue reading

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What does a Rock star and Kenyan Artisans have in common?

An odd couple indeed or are they? Edun – The Fashion label with ethical credentials run by Ali Hewson and her husband Bono (and if you don’t already know – lead singer of U2 and all round Rock star) began in 2005 (before … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes at ARISE Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW)

So ARISE Magazine fashion week (AMFW), one of Africas prominate fashion showcases has come to an end but the buzz that surrounded this event was amazing. Twitter was ablaze with real time photos from Backsatge to the runway. I believe … Continue reading

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FASHION FLASH – Chichia and the collaboration with ‘Made by Africa’ – A/W 2011

Very exciting news, more exciting than finding out that the sale top your about to purchase that was reduced by 50% before you hit the till’s has a further 20% off. Yes EVEN more exciting then that. This is a follow up … Continue reading

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Chichia and the collaboration with ‘Made by Africa’ – A/W 2011

A maturing collection, an insight into the future of fashion Africa Chichia (see previous post on Chichia) has grasped the importance of african inspired design and has fully understood the importance of adapting to the seasons as well as adapting … Continue reading

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Count me in: ChicAfriq summer sale – Covent Garden

I’m down in central London on Sunday 22 August 2010 to attend what is called ChicAfriq. This is what has become popular over the last couple of years as a pop up sale, selling a plethora of African inspired designs in contemporary, … Continue reading

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Let’s begin.

Forget about food, forget about water, I’m looking at parting with my cash to invest in these independent designers and their off the scale African inspired designs. Chichia Suno  Deenola   Jewel by Lisa Duro Olowu   NKWO   Tiffany Amber

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